MPs must refuse: Vigil

After the predictable failure of the MDC in the elections, Morgan Tsvangirai must consider his position. The custom in most countries is that a losing candidate stands aside – particularly if he has lost several elections.


The Vigil believes that Tsvangirai must take responsibility for a succession of decisions:

1. The mad split over the Senate.

2. Pulling out of the Presidential run-off in 2008.

3. Joining in the flawed GNU (‘we demand an end to sanctions and foreign broadcasts’) when there was an opportunity to form a government in exile in Botswana at a time when Mugabe was on his knees.

4. Failure to pull out of government when Mugabe immediately disregarded the GPA and showed that the MDC had no power whatsoever.

5. Being distracted by the ludicrous 4-year-long constitution-making exercise, which produced an abortion of a document that has proved completely useless, especially as a new constitution can be expected within a year. The MDC should have spent the time concentrating on getting a level playing field for elections.

6. Allowing vital roadmap issues to be delayed until they were impossible to implement.

7. Agreeing to take part in the latest elections when none of the MDC or SADC requirements had been met.

Tsvangirai issued a statement after an MDC National Council meeting in Harare saying: ‘Given the illegality of this election, the MDC National Council resolved that it will not legitimize institutions created by an illegal election and therefore will not engage in institutions of government’.

The Vigil applauds this decision and hopes that MDC MPs will refuse to take their seats in this rigged Parliament.

Gloomy Vigil supporters gathered after the Vigil for our bi-monthly Zimbabwe Action Forum. Although we had knew the result would be fixed, there was shock at the audacious scale of the rigging. – FOR THE RECORD: 51 signed the register.

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