Mugabe is actually 92

So all that manufactured celebration after rigging the elections only mean one thing for Zanu (PF), its check mate. And the checkmate has nothing to do with vasiyei zvavo.

It has nothing to do with imaginary sanctions. It has something to do with the obvious that you can’t elect a 92 year old man to lead a country which is facing economic collapse. Yes Mugabe is 92 years old not 89. Ndozvireva.

He even jokes about it with me kana akafarisa because he naturally is short and he was failing to hold his ear with his hand which was the tool used then for entry into Sub A (version of Grade 1 now). So until you managed to hold your ear you will not be allowed into school, wainofudza mombe nembudzi. And the first time you manage, you have to elect a birth day showing that you were seven years old.

His birthday of 21 February is fake and even Mbuya Bona used to say it in public that she did not know who told him that birth day.

So at 92 he is going nowhere and if he does, Mnangwagwa and his military are waiting for the dust to settle and then do a final push. I said it here about the plan. Ko maiti Grace kaimhanya mhanyirei? It’s her chance to be a widow and re-marry or just enjoy life with boys.

So with Mugabe out of the picture, then it’s free for all.

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