Mugabe “victory” causes anxiety

A snap survey carried out by The Zimbabwean in Kwekwe and Gweru revealed that people lack confidence in Zanu (PF) and fear the country will plunge back into the pre-2008 era, marked by economic hardships and galloping inflation.

Ishmael Jeko, a political analyst based at the Midlands State University said: “Everyone that we meet is complaining that Zanu (PF) stole the election. So one wonders who shares the party’s sentiments that the elections were free or who actually voted for them.

“The present situation is a recipe for disaster. We hope that diplomatic pressure by the outside world will help us correct the electoral fraud. We are in a mess and we need to be fast in mopping it up.”

Tinashe Guvava, a Hotel and Catering student at Kwekwe Polytechnic College said “This is the same government whose policies made the country achieve the highest inflation in the world in 2007. It is the same party known for corruption and mismanagement of the economy.”

An engineer with the Zimbabwe Metal and Steel Company said he expected high levels of de-industrialisation leading into “skyrocketing unemployment rates to coincide with the beginning of the Mugabe government”.

“The same ministers and officials who presided over the collapse of the economy in the last decade are still the people that Mugabe trusts the most. So there will not be any surprise when the suffering of people begins,” said Tracy Nhanho, a proprietor in Gweru.

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