Mugabes rigged 2013 election vindicates the fraud proof voting system

Q. Has Mugabe indeed rigged the 31 July 2013 Zimbabwean General Election?

A. The answer is a resounding Yes with a 99.999% probability. But proving the scale of the rigging will be problematic.

The result will be government by a band of thugs, hoodlums, killers and robbers for whom only 20% of the voting population voted, and for whom without intimidation the percentage would have been 10% – a reversal of the improved economic, political and human rights gains during the period of coalition government in Zimbabwe 2009-2013.

The Chinese and the Israelis will be happy with this false result.

Q. Does the West care?

A. Not really � so long as they can get the minerals they need and make the profits they want, everything else is for sale � that is how they operate across and throughout Africa and beyond. The welfare, freedom, human rights and impoverishment of Zimbabwean and other Third World populations are of no consequence to them.

Q. Why is Zimbabwe different?

A. Zimbabwe is one of the very few and dwindling number of anti-western dictatorships (Sudan, North Korea…..). The vast majority of African and Third World Countries are also dictatorships, but of the pro-western variety. However you will never hear those facts, concept or ideas uttered in the Main Stream Media � AlJazeera, Press TV, CNN, BBC, Sky and all their ilk. Nor in the Guardian, UK Independent, or New York Times � all supposedly bastions of liberal thinking and left-wing sentiment � but in fact complicit with the way things are run in our modern world. Whether you are economically and politically oppressed by a pro-western or by an anti-western dictatorship is quite academic � the result is much the same.

Q. How was the alleged rigging possible?

A. Paper-based conventional voting with polling stations and a central manual vote aggregation system are completely wide open to rigging at all levels. It is quite simply a nightmare to invigilate and to stop rigging using such voting systems. Election Observers are quite honestly a complete farce, and are often used by the West to rubber-stamp fake elections.

Q. What about electronic voting systems?

A. They are if anything even worse than conventional paper based systems � they are also wide open to rigging.

Q. Why is your �Fraud Proof Voting� System (�) different?

A. It was designed not to be an electronic nor a paper-based system but to be a system which is genuinely impossible or extremely difficult to fraud.

Q. Has it ever been used?

A. I invented the system in 2006. In 2007 I was making significant progress with the Electoral Commissions of Rwanda and Kenya. But it seems that the West interfered with the project in Rwanda, and events in Kenya (the rigged election of December 2007) overtook my project.

Q. Do you have any testimonials or recommendations for your system?

A. The best recommendation is that, according to Des Browne, who was UK Minister of Defence in 2006 and 2007, �there is universal opposition to your voting system throughout Whitehall�. This opposition I conjecture was and is because my system is one which will genuinely perform under Zimbabwean or Nigerian conditions � it is not some wishy-washy academic bullshit system which occupies email user groups to no practical effect. My system has been analysed by International IDEA in Sweden, which is the foremost global pro-democracy organisation. They raised a number of valid weaknesses with the original system. After some thought I revised the system to resolve their issues. In the end they stopped communicating, because all the issues and objections they raised had been solved.

Q. What is your own experience which enabled you to conceive and invent such a system?

A. I created and trained on a Software System for the Commission National Electoral in Rwanda in 2003 for USAID (through Ethan Zuckerman’s Geekcorps), and I was in charge of bringing the Voters Roll back to Iraq in 2005 and in running the IT side of the Voters’ Registration exercise � also in Baghdad in 2005 � for USAID and the Washington DC-based International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). I worked as part of a UN-staffed Team for the 2006 Iraq General Election � I was in sole charge of the Voters’ Database.

Q. Why does the West oppose your Fraud Proof Voting System?

A. It seems they oppose not only my specific system but even the general concept. It would not be too difficult or expensive to get a group of highly intelligent and experienced thinkers and experts from the fields of Elections, Mathematics, Cryptography etc together for some days or weeks and to hammer out at least one viable Fraud Proof Voting System. So why doesn’t one of the prestigious organisations like IDEA or the Carter Center do this?

I think the answer is � in the words of the Palestinian London-based journalist Bari Abdel Atwan � that �The West Loves Corrupt Leaders� (on BBC World TV’s Dateline London program).

If a Fraud Proof Voting system was implemented globally, it would remove the very few Mugabe’s but also the very many pro-western dictators who assist the West in Resource Security and in financial benefit (e.g. low mining and resource royalties and taxation, removal of protection on domestic industries etc..). Thus the benefit to the West from puppet pro-western Presidents outweighs greatly the dis-benefit of having a few Mugabe’s on the scene. The net benefit to the West of allowing election rigging by pro-western Third World leaders is very significant.

Q. What is the way forward?

A. For the Zimbabwean People and the Zimbabwean Political Opposition, one feasible option � which will depend on the amount and quality of evidence available � is to insist on another General Election on or after April 2014, using the Fraud-Proof Voting System or a variation of it. This delay is necessary because of the logistics involved.

Alternatively, they must push massively with Britain, America, EU, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and UN in a Global Campaign to have Fraud Proof Voting implemented globally before 2018. Such adoption will greatly assist impoverished and oppressed people in many countries throughout the world. And it will furthermore protect Western so-called democracies against their Governments’ current tendencies towards fascism, which may even tempt future Western Sitting Governments to themselves indulge in election rigging.

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Friday 2 August, 2013

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