My hero, My zim

Edward Takaruza Chindori- Chininga Chininga was extremely critical of Robert Mugabe and had recently blown the whistle over some missing monies from gem an mining sales. - MDC Zim Vapanduki

My hero is Herman Tonderai Karimakwenda he is a true leader and a good man. He was beaten in 2000 with us by the military he never deserted us he stood by us in dzivaresekwa all this time. At all times even helped those who could not give a descent burial to their loved ones he helped with food, coffins and transport. He managed to build a pump house in DZ during the water crisis and helped the elderly with so many things. When we where forced into the G.N.U he did his level best to address the situation in DZ we salute you shumba you are my hero and my idol the revolution will not stop lets not give up you are the winner – Alan Munyaradzi Nwadu

“Im tired of mugabe always on chair til when. Tsvangirai is my hero”. – Tlhalosang Pitso

The man himself Jesus Christ of Nazareth. – Nyashadzashe Banabas

My Hero is Josiah Tongogara, RIP” – Dephine Chadoka Machiha

Morgan Tsvangirayi for fighting 4 change in zim despite arrests, assassination attempts on him. – Elvis Tatenda Sungayi

Learnmore Jongwe, Susan Tsvangirai, John Makumbe and Mukonoweshuro . – Clemence Chari

Mine is Amai Sally Mugabe. She was a true mother to Zimbabweans. I wish greedy Grace will tear a leaf off the book of her life. A true heroine, were she still alive l d still be a staunch Zanu supporter. May her dear soul rest in peace.” – Regis Kaledza

His skill and proffessionalism cuts across the brim, he works hard and mentor others. – Ngoni Nyabeze

My commuty hero is my former teacher of 2001 in Plumtree Boys High School, Mr D Ncube. He believed in our potential and made us one of the best students in the region academically. – Mehleli Ndlovu

My hero is Shingi Munyeza he has the calling and vision of hard work besides being successfull.

“My hero is Eddie Cross . A white man who fought for black Zimbos on the Ian Smith regime. Today he is the current MP for my constituency battling for Democracy and industrial development to improve in Bulawayo South and the city as a whole. VIVA EDDIE” – McLan Mussa Mbewe

MyZim Hero Herbert Wiltshire Hamandishe Chitepo. Highly intelligent, led the struggle while others where in detention. – Tapiwa Munjoma

Margaret Dongo, a woman who stood 4 what she believed to b right at ALL times & fought side by side with the dudes. – @zumlily

My father who died during lib war is my hero”. – Mhlawempi Masiko Moyo

My hero is Mrs Violet Nhira who adopted me and made me educated. – Munyawiri Blessing via SMS

My hero is my LORD JESUS for he guides me all the way and my mother whose been there for me all the time til today. – Bukhosi Ncube via SMS

My hero is myself l participated in the liberation struggle as a teenage guerilla got demobilised and joined the harare city council. – via SMS

My community hero is my mother, Elizabeth Runameso, she is very encouraging and inspiring mom. Single as she was, she made me wat i am 2day. I wish her many years with me. – Charles Nzembe

Jairos Jiri, rudo rwaakaratidza, vepolitics vatadza kusvika kana paone percent chaiyo yemabasa nerudo rwaakatiatidza, ndokuratidza hugamba. – Kudakwashe Goromonzi

My dear Wilson always loves me no matter what l do cos he knows noone is perfect.l cant imagine life without him.he is the reason what lam today. – Wilson Mutonhori

My [email protected] mum who alwys be thier for me!!!! Pardon Mahala FB

Tsvangirai Richard Morgan Charles Majidu Significant Charumbira FB

Morgan Tsvangirai , Jongwe Mukonoweshuro, Makumbe and Susan Tsvangirai . Clemence Chari FB

Morgan Tsvangirai Calvin Makuyana FB

Strive Masiiwa Mathew Tumbare FB

Tongogara Themba Moses Mhlanga FB

My future president Talent Talie Mafukidze FB

the like of Jairos Jiri Simba Mutirwara FB

Tonderayi Ndira Naison Kahari FB

My Parenst only Ottis Maputo FB

Tsvangirai,Chitepo,Jongwe Brian Tapiwa Makwarimba Takadiyi FB

our beloved mother Susan Tsvangirai and all those who died for liberating zimbabwe under the leadership of Mugabe Peter Sibanda FB

My father Jespen Zvoutete Mudavanhu Marume FB

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