Nappy waste dumped

Residents in the high density suburbs have expressed their concern over the dumping of soiled nappies.

“Some mothers dump used nappies in the middle of the suburbs. Some of the nappies are even left at the roadside during the night,” said Mable Jongwe, a resident of Nketa.

Some mothers put the nappies in plastic bags and dump them in open spaces.

“Disposable nappies should be banned and mothers should use cloth nappies. Most of the mothers can afford to buy nappies for their babies yet the country does not have proper disposal mechanisms for such products. The companies making these products are guilty of environmental degradation,” said Edmore Ndlovu, a Magwegwe resident.

An environmentalist with the Bulawayo city council, Irvin Nkomo, said an environmental impact assessment should be carried out by companies that produce such products.

“Environmental organisations like EMA and Green Revolution must ensure that the businesses take environmental issues into account,” said Nkomo.

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