Not credible: election results marred by fraud

Zimbabwe has been praised for holding ‘peaceful’ elections on July 31. We believe that the results declared by the Zimbabwe Election Commission cannot be viewed as either credible or legitimate for a number of reasons.

Zimbabwe’s voters’ roll takes center stage in allegations of fraud. Zimbabwe’s law preserves the right for all parties and candidates to have a searchable electronic version of the voters’ roll in reasonable time before elections. More than two weeks after the elections, nobody has seen an electronic copy of the voters’ roll.

The MDC-T received a hard-copy of the voters’ roll at 4pm on the day of the elections itself. But the size of the document – delivered in print and when the polls had almost concluded – provided little means for them to conduct proper analysis. This is an insult to justice.

Nevertheless, a sample – based on one constituency – was provided to the media a few days before July 31 and it demonstrated many names duplicated with minor changes made to details. This, it was concluded, would allow people to vote more than once for a party. That party was Zanu (PF). The MDC-T also claimed it found 838,000 entries with the same name, address and date of birth but different ID numbers, 350,000 people who are more than 85-years-old and 109,000 aged over 100 – including a 135-year-old army officer.

The absence of the voters’ roll has also prevented parties from challenging the results of the election in court: the MDC-T on August 16 withdrew its challenge because, without a copy of the roll which it still does not possess, it was unable to conduct the type of analyses required to form the basis of its challenge. The justice system has failed again.

The results of the 2013 polls cannot be deemed fair or free and therefore they are not credible. We find it astonishing that anyone – let alone leaders of States whose role it is to ensure the will of the people prevails – can turn a blind eye to the array of outrages that have occurred in our country with regards the 2013 polls.

‘Did you witness or experience any fraud or intimidation around the elections? Tell us about it and we will tell the world. Anonymity preserved –

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