Only Zanu agents at polling stations: Makoni

The additional 65 polling stations established by ZEC on election day were manned only by Zanu (PF) agents, since other political parties were not given enough time to deploy personnel, said leader of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, Simba Makoni.


Makoni told journalists at a Press Conference in Harare that the absence of agents from Zanu (PF) rival parties could have provided loopholes for rigging. He said given the overwhelming evidence of irregularities, MKD rejected election results announced by ZEC.

“There is overwhelming evidence that the elections were not free and fair. Together with other like-minded Zimbabweans, we are working towards a forescenic audit of the polls and will eventually have a re-run,” said Makoni.

Makoni said the majority of Zimbabweans were convinced that the election was stolen and only Zanu (PF) followers were happy with the outcome.

On whether SADC and AU would be convinced by evidence of election rigging, Makoni said whatever position the bodies took, it would not rob Zimbabweans of the right to fight for democracy.

“Zimbabweans are owners of their struggle for democracy and should selflessly champion the cause, with whatever assistance from both the region and the continent,” said Makoni.

Makoni said his party and its allies participated in the elections in face of irregularities, because Zimbabweans wanted change through the ballot.

“The election was not free and fair; it was both illegal and not credible,” Makoni added.

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