Parks relocates wildlife to Vic Falls

The government has started relocating hundreds of wild animals from Save Valley Conservancy in Masvingo to beef up the animal populations in Zambezi National Park in Victoria Falls ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly scheduled for this weekend. National Parks has been mandated to relocate 151 wildebeests, 25 eland, 60 zebras, 100 impalas and 10 giraffes.

National Parks apparently haven't had enough funds to pay their employees' wages for the past 3 or 4 months so we wonder how they can afford to move these animals. We also find it strange that Parks are always claiming that Zimbabwe has an abundance of animals so if this is true, why is it necessary to move all these animals to Victoria Falls where the delegates of the UNWTO will be able to see them?


According to National Parks Statutory Instrument 56 of 2012, a schedule of prices for hunting animals and fish has been issued. This schedule lists practically every animal in Zimbabwe, even bush baby and rhino. We wonder who would want to hunt a bush baby and how would they do it? Does one shoot a bush baby? We have a copy of the schedule if anyone would like to see it.


Earlier on in the year, an article appeared in a Zimbabwean newspaper stating that the elephant population was around 45 000. Now, just a few days ago, another article appeared in the Zimbabwean Financial Gazette claiming that Zimbabwe has around 100 000 elephants. This is all part of their appeal to be allowed to sell ivory. We find it quite incredible that the population can have escalated from 45 000 to 100 000 in a few months!

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