Police preparing search warrants to prosecute MDC-T

Zimbabwe Police is allegedly preparing hundreds of search warrants against MDC-T as an institution, offices and residences of top MDC-T officials, to facilitate their arrest ahead of planed court election challenges.

Police at Harvest House.
Police at Harvest House.

Inside police sources said the searches would be used as an opportunity by police to destroy MDC-T evidence against the disputed election results.

Since elections of the recent harmonised elections were announced, Police has been maintaining a 24 hour surveillance and heavy night presence at MDC-T headquarters, Harvest House, in Harare.

There are fears that MDC-T might regroup and organise mass uprisings from the Harvest House.

“Given the shocking magnitude of the election fraud, Zanu (PF) and the security sector were unease about the possible steps MDC-T and the people might take,” said a police insider.

MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora, told The Zimbabwean that they were tipped about the search warrants which were being prepared.

“Yes, we are advised that there are some search warrants being prepared somewhere,” said Mwonzora.

He said they were informed that top MDC-T officials were targeted for prosecution through the searches and planting.

When reached for comment, police spokesperson, Supt Paul Nyathi, said. “Please call me again after an hour since I am in a meeting.”

Efforts to contact him later were fruitless.

MDC-T will be submitting its election court challenges with the Constitutional and Electoral Courts tomorrow.

It will challenge results for the presidency, some 100 parliamentary seats and hundreds of local government portfolio outcomes.

The whole electoral process and some institutions charged with the responsibility to run the elections would also be brought under legal scrutiny.

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