Political retribution in Mutare

Zanu (PF) activists have been fingered in acts of retribution in Dangamvura Chikanga constituency with an MDC-T member being assaulted in the area.

The office of the MP-elect, Arnold Tsunga of the MDC-T, said in a statement addressed to the party leadership and copied to the police that there had been numerous cases of violence during and after the election.

Tsunga said he was gravely concerned at the upsurge of retributive violence or threats in Dangamvura Chikanga constituency, particularly in Ward 17. He said a named female Zanu (PF) activist had been at the forefront of trying to ferment violence against perceived supporters of MDC-T in Hobhouse.

“Today she and a few individuals claiming to be from Zanu (PF) and wearing Zanu (PF) regalia went to the house of one Laina Mutsago, an MDC-T leader in ward 17 and caused mayhem,” he said.

Tsunga said the group made threats of assault against Mutsago and other MDC-T leaders of ward 17.

He added that the group went on to hurl insults at MDC-T leaders in ward 17 saying they were homosexuals and would never rule Zimbabwe.

They reportedly accused MDC-T leaders of insulting President Robert Mugabe as filth and a baboon and claimed that Tsunga did not belong to the MDC-T.

Tsunga said the Zanu (PF) activists made a false report to the police. MDC-T women leaders were then taken in for questioning at Chikanga Police Post by operatives from the Police Internal Security Intelligence Unit. According to the MP elect, Ward 17 was the most problematic as Zanu (PF) members in the area had shown greater propensity towards violent conduct than members of the party from other wards.

“This is the third major incident of violence or threat of breach of peace during the election and post-election period. In one previous case an MDC-T supporter Brian Musengembuya was violently assaulted by a group of Zanu (PF) activists on July 26 2013 in a case that is still being investigated by Chikanga Police,” he said.

“I am very concerned at the upsurge in violence and the effort to undermine the law enforcement process. I am particularly worried at the false reports by violent people who do not respect the rights of others. I am however of the belief that the police will be equal to the task before them of maintaining law and order and dealing with those that want to abuse legal process to cover up for their evil deeds,” Tsunga said.

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