Political situation in Mozambique “is stable”

Despite the armed attacks by gangs of the former rebel movement Renamo against defenceless civilians, the political situation in Mozambique is stable, declared Deputy Defence Minister, Agostinho Monjane, in Maputo on Friday.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Defence Ministry with the military attaches accredited to the country, Monjane said that the country’s institutions are fully functioning.

“In a context in which the fundamental freedoms of citizens and the rule of law are being deepened and consolidated, and despite some violent actions carried out by Renamo armed men against defenceless people, Mozambique remains stable”, he stressed.

Monjane added that natural resources make an important contribution to economic and social development, and in Mozambique the government is promoting sustainable exploitation of these resources, as part of its drive to eradicate poverty.

“The improvement and continual expansion of social and economic infrastructures will be the main way in which income will be distributed equitably”, he said.

Despite the current agitation and panic in outlying neighbourhoods of Maputo and the neighbouring city of Matola, Monjane insisted that the crime rate has in fact fallen.

“Compared with the figures up to the end of last year, the number of crimes recorded from January until now has declined, although there are cases of violent crimes undertaken by organised groups equipped with firearms”, he said.

Furthermore the number acts of maritime piracy and illegal immigration using the Mozambican coast have also declined. “In our view this results from joint and combined actions at international level”, said Monjane, in particular the operations Mozambique has undertaken with Tanzania and South Africa.

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