Polling agents dumped

MDC-T election agents stationed at Zhaugwe primary school during the elections have accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of failing to take heed of their complaints of irregularities in the voting procedure.

The party’s senior district assembly official, Voyage Patiwa, accused ZEC presiding officers of dumping her party’s two agents and one JOMIC observer.

“We were shocked to be left behind as the ballots were transported to the ward command centre. The Zhaugwe polling station presiding officer only identified as Mutasa denied us entry into the vehicle. Only Zanu (PF) agents were allowed to get in, before the vehicle sped off,’’ said Patiwa.

Senior election agent, Salakuphi Gudu, said they informed their superior, Ward Chairperson Nkosana Dube, who immediately confronted the officers.

‘’We assumed ZEC was neutral but that was not the case. They denied us entry into the vehicle when it was our duty to accompany and keep an eye on the ballot boxes. Yes, the vehicle might have been full, but why did they chose to accommodate only Zanu (PF) election agents?’’ said Gudu.

The ward 21 MDC-T chairperson, Nkosana Dube, described the move by ZEC officials as an infringement on voters’ rights.

“We demand that ZEC urgently deal with this and other election irregularities that might have transpired across the province,” said Dube

The police officer who was manning the polling station confirmed the incident.

‘’I noticed this with much concern. I wondered why the presiding officer decided to depart leaving the MDC-T agents. There was nothing I could have done,” he said.

ZEC Public Relations Officer, Shupikai Mashereni, expressed ignorance over the issue, claiming the office had not yet received any official complaint.

“I agree that it is the duty of every party agent to accompany the ballot boxes. MDC-T is a big political party and it should have provided its own vehicle. What were ZEC officials supposed to do?’’ said Mashereni.

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