Povo disapproves Mugabe's SADC chairmanship

SADC leaders have decided that Mugabe should be the next chairman of the organisation. Do you agree? Yes or No.

Noooo! African leaders hoooo ??????? – Patrick Makutwane

How very progressive of them. – Andrew Grant

Obvious the masses have rejected him here. – Tapiwa Carlos Guvira

Zviri kwavari. Ndezvepano pasi. isu wedu mutungamiri haana huori, humbimbindoga, hundyire etc. Haisi mhondi akatosacrifice hupenyu hwake for us. Ndiye achatonga vese nevari kukara kutonga pasi rino. – Shadreck Mbiragai

NNoooo! – Bongani Sibanda

Wateva coz hv realised sadc doesnt represent th wl of the ppl bt an elite group of dictators. sis. – Prosper Sibanda

A big No. – Albert Chytsa

Wega haugaye. – Andrew Sithole

Next chairman. Mazihobi aamai vake vakafa vasina musha. – Jethro Chicks

Joke of the year! – Cassiano Chawodza

He deserves to head the mediocre talk show organisation where Heads of State & government, commander in chiefs blow up taxpayers money wining & dining plotting how to loot their countries’ resources & how to extend their terms of officer. – Bee Tee

No no no. – Nkosi Dube

Shame on SADC. They seem to be directionless, how they can be bullied by one man. Lindiwe Zulu was ripped open by Mugabe and Zuma was giggling and joined to attack his own envoy. – Paul Shambira

Zimbabwean people you are on your own, if you define a marketable narrative for yourself, these voluntary organizations such as SADC will join you and support u in future, we must set our own trend, putting desperate measures for our desperate situation, remember we live in a setup where the fittest survive, SADC and AU will only associate themselves with those who can make it. Our leaders must be more astute, wit and shrewd. No time to baby sit each other, if you lose grip on your principles you can struggle, The struggle continue, no freedom no investment, no democracy no surrender. – Trust Ndlovu

He needs maximum security today more than ever before coz he delivered a sucker punch to the usual enemy whose team comprises of professional hunters. – Nixon Mtakwa

He is paranoid.His so called enemies are powerful enough to have killed him a long time ago if they so wished. His is a case of a paranoia running away from his shadow….. – Regis Kaledza

Thanx guys u made us proud, at least we hve somethng to smile 4 after 3wks of mourning the stolen ballot! thanx guys tht was a sigh of relief, focus onthe final and bring the cup hme-goodluck boyz dzangu! – Jacob Mabvunure

MDC-T postpones retreat: Frustration is reported to be growing amongst the party, especially after the defeat this month, with some pushing the party leadership to meet the people and explain what went wrong. #MyZim

That is nonsense. Elections were rigged, that’s all. – Zvenyika Yangu

Yah people need answers as they are the main stakeholders!! Its a very complicated struggle and hope people will understand!! It must be handled with care so that wolves do not run with it!!! VIVA struggle for democracy VIVA!!! Down with fraudsters!!! – Menzi Dakeni

Too late. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Tsvangirayi must be replaced by someone with power and who is able rig elections too. – Tyson Junior Dube

Living in pain – Timothy Makoni

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