Remote voters left out

Voters in remote areas could have been prejudiced in the elections due to a lack of scrutiny, concerned voters have said.

Some polling stations were set up in areas that were not easily accessible. Voters who were in the queue at Goromonzi Post Office expressed disappointment that observers and journalists were not able to visit remote polling station.

“It would be better if these people could go to outlying areas. That is where all sorts of things happen and where people can’t freely express themselves,” a voter told The Zimbabwean.

He said the areas were isolated and it was easy to intimidate people in those areas. “They are simply told that that once the results are announced it will be known who they voted for,” he said.

Another voter said these areas were not only inaccessible to outsiders but the locals as well. “It’s easier for us here but out there it’s another story and we hoped observers would give more attention to those people,” a local man said.

At some polling stations visited by The Zimbabwean, such as Mashonganyika Farm in Goromonzi, foreign observers and the media were not visible.

ZAPU’s spokesman, Mjobisi Noko, told The Zimbabwean that polling stations in remote areas were a headache for political parties to monitor.

“There were some stations that people were not even aware of because they were not on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s map,” Noko said.

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