Residents want executive mayors

Residents have urged the incoming government to prioritise policies that ensure executive mayors stay in power during future elections to safeguard people’s interests.

Rubbish piled up when councillors and mayors left office at the end of June.
Rubbish piled up when councillors and mayors left office at the end of June.

This comes in the wake of poor service delivery when councillors and mayors left office on June 29 before the July 31 general election.

Unlike in the central government where the Executive continues in office until the assumption of office by the President-elect, local authorities were left without representatives.

Nyasha Sangweme of Hatcliffe said it was the incoming government’s responsibility to safeguard people’s interests at all times.

“People’s representatives should always be in office, even during elections. Since the councillors left office on June 29, rubbish has not been collected and there are rivers of sewage in the capital,” said Sangweme.

She said most parts of Hatcliffe suburb were now relying on water provided by one of the aspiring election candidates.

“Hatcliffe is now relying on water delivered by a Zanu (PF) MP,” said Sangweme.

John Gumbo (65) of Warren Park said the constitution must be amended to facilitate the work of executive mayors.

“If citizens are not represented in councils during elections then that is a constitutional crisis,” said Gumbo.

Runesu Mahaso of Greendale believes that:

“When the country goes for elections the town clerk and his team, together with provincial or district administrators, should graze within the paddocks set-up by the outgoing council until new councillors are inaugurated”.

Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association Chairperson, Admire Zaya said the current constitution discriminated against rural councils.

“The new constitution does not afford rural councils the same provision to have executive leaders and just make them ceremonial leaders,” he said.

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