Silence does not mean we are fools

Vana veZimbabwe I am back fighting the Struggle for a better Zimbabwe from the doorstep of Mr Mugabe and his evil regime. The silence from people doesn’t mean they are fools.


Over weekend I attended the Heroes Acre celebrations where old grandpa Robbery spoke to you for the first time after stealing your election. Yes I was there at that place where some of my dear comrades lie alongside the souls of thieves and murderers. The bones we left at Chimoio and Nyadzonya must be turning in their graves every day!

I was there over weekend at the Heroes Acre when Mugabe told you Zimbabweans to ‘GO AND HANG!’ Yes he actually said that.

Well Zimbabwe, I Baba Jukwa on your behalf will send him a personal message on a nice post card; ‘CHITONGA TIONE and you too Rob Mugabe GO AND HANG! You have turned our country into one big graveyard’.

Zimbabwe, as long as Baba Jukwa is here, Mugabe will not know peace. I and other comrades are going to ensure that he does not enjoy the fruits of theft and that he dies a tormented man.

Meanwhile those in the Diaspora who heard Rugare Gumbo ask you to come back home from your adopted homes in foreign lands. IGNORE him. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. STAY PUT AND DO NOT COME BACK FOR NOW. Things will get worse so just ignore his pleas. Everyone including you in the Diaspora are in Chitongai Tione Operation Mode. Whether MDC decides to join Rob’s government for their strategic reasons or not, Operation Chitongai Tione will not be suspended. People in ZANU are crooks, criminals and heartless and do not deserve your assistance in protecting their stolen wealth. NGAVACHITONGA TIONE.

They paid NIKUV $10million of your money whilst you vana veZimbabwe did not have food to put on your table, whilst Mpilo and other hospitals and clinics do not have medicine for the sick, whilst you drink dirty water from your taps every day.

Heartless people

The struggle for a better Zimbabwe continues. A war is made up of a series of battles. Some battles are won and some are lost. Ours Zimbabwe is a war we will win. What they won with this thuggery is vanity.

Meanwhile, I urge you Zimbabwe to pray for junior security officers who were denied an opportunity to vote in the stolen election. They must remain determined to serve our people not evil people, together we will get there. NEVER give up.

To many, the frustrations are beginning to wear out but the hope is beginning to increase. Time solves things. Before even our old soon-to-die President is sworn in, fuel prices have gone up and the Herald has upped the propaganda of denying the obvious. “Fuel price has not gone up”, they wished.

Clock ticking backwards

We were there before handiti, the time of Enos Chikowore and Joseph Made who respectively would deny that there was no shortage of fuel and there was no shortage of food yet the reality on the ground was the opposite. We were there and I am glad the clock is ticking backwards fast.

The banks in Bulawayo have started experiencing shortages of cash and this shall obviously quickly spread across the country as banks start packing their bags for 3 reasons:

(1) the foreign owned banks know that Kasukuwere, the new Finance Minister will take them without compensation so it is prudent that they protect investors’ money by advising them to withdraw in large numbers and deposit elsewhere on the planet where it is safe.

(2) Ignatious Chombo gave a directive for city councils to write off debts of defaulters running into millions of dollars. That has exposed banks which had advanced credit to city councils hoping that they will be paid by rate payers and repay their loans. Tendai Biti, the outgoing Finance Minister warned that close to 10 banks may close as a result.

(3) Harare City council has started failing to pay workers joining a long list of companies like NRZ, Cairns. ZISCO, Air Zimbabwe etc whose workers have gone for years without being paid, thanks to bush economics of Zanu (PF).

First the junta is in financial trouble. The Chinese who came to mine diamonds at Chiadzwa and elsewhere did not do that to please Zanu (PF). Hell no! They came to loot ours and develop their own country. And so in the past year they were forced to surrender all dividends to the junta so that it can oil its rigging machine. Now it’s their turn to loot. So Vapanduki, JOC will not get any single cent from diamonds for the next 12 months. The effect is that Treasury will be empty and that’s why Kasukuwere in advance was trying to threaten to nationalize banks so that they can steal the money and use it to do their fire fighting while waiting for the Chinese 12 months looting spree. Now vanyangira yaona.

We urge Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Stanbic and other foreign owned banks to do the right thing and protect people’s money. If it means calling everyone to come and withdraw money so be it so that by the time Kasukuwere comes to raid, he will only find an empty building. Negotiate with Gideon Gono now to be given your minimum capital requirement. That’s what they want to loot now. Some of it was used for elections and you were never consulted. Ngavatonge tione.

Well done Matebeleland

Last time I gave you the planned cabinet. They have to please everyone with money which is not there. Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Emerson Mnangagwa , Sydney Sekereramai, Patrick Chinamasa and Obert Mpofu and the more than 300,000 CIO’s doted across the globe will be the main consumers and the main weapons of the military junta led by Mnangagwa with Chiwenga and Chihuri seconding.

But then all these people are not in service ministries, meaning that service delivery will again go to the dogs and this time Zimbabweans will open their eyes for good. Kudos to people of Matebeleland and parts of Harare, they fear no evil and they did the right thing. Show them the middle finger even if they threaten you. I call upon progressive forces to look for resources from donors and make sure water reaches Bulawayo soon. They deserve to live better than now where the regime has condemned them to poverty after killing their relatives in the 80’s.

Aluta Continua. Victory is certain. Mugabe can rig the election but cannot rig the people’s will to remove him. Ngavachitonga tione. Asijiki!!! Ndatenda, Baba Jukwa

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