T-shirt protection

Zanu (PF) regalia has become a sought after commodity here following President Robert Mugabe’s controversial election victory.

A demonstration by Zimbabweans in exile.
A demonstration by Zimbabweans in exile.

Villagers in Ngaone area said they were wearing t-shirts with Zanu (PF) logos on them in order to benefit from government programmes such as maize seed distribution.

“A lot of villagers here, including known MDC supporters, are now pretending to love Zanu (PF) by wearing t-shirts and caps because they know that Zanu (PF) will be in government for the next five years,” said a headmaster of a local primary school.

In urban areas, the regalia is in high demand among motorists.

“When I wear Zanu (PF) regalia, I do not have any hassles at police road blocks. The police just wave at me and let me go,” said David Mbiri.

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