Telecel SIM card registration deadline August 31

Telecel is advising its subscribers with unregistered SIM cards to do so by Saturday, August 31, since failure to do so would result in disconnection, said Telecel Zimbabwe communications and branding director, Obert Mandimika.

The registration of SIM cards is in line with the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe requirements that, all mobile phone users register with their network for each SIM card they have before August 31.

Telecel said most of its customers were already registered with the exemption of a few.

All networks are required by law to register their customers to avoid unregistered SIM cards from being abused or used for criminal activities.

“While Telecel does not wish to inconvenience any subscribers, it will have no option but disconnect those who fail to beat the deadline,” said Mandimika.

Those willing to register their Telecel SIM cards can do so at any Telecel office countrywide or with Telecel registered dealers.

To register, one would be required to produce an original and copy of his/her national identity card and fill in a registration form.

Customers who might want to check their registration status can contact Telecel Call Center on 150 from their Telecel number or 0733 150150 from landline or other network.

Some sections of network subscribers were suspicious of the SIM card registration regulation, saying it would be used by government to unfairly invade private communications and criminalise some conversations.

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