Thanks, but no thanks say 90%

A cross section of Zimbabweans, responding on The Zimbabwean's Facebook page, say they are not interested in today's public holiday which has been set aside for the inauguration of President Robert Mugabe.

More than 90% of respondents expressed disgust that Zanu (PF) had stolen the July 31 elections, hence their decision to boycott the event.

The MDC-T has dismissed as a sham the election, which ZEC said Mugabe won with 61% against Morgan Tsvnagirai with 34 percent.

Lovemore Sithole; said "I am one of those people who will not dine with thieves and fraudsters.

Thanks for the holiday; I am going to visit my friend who stays South Africa, coming back on Sunday for work."

Raphael Shumbayaonda said: "If it were his burial yaah."

Some of the respondents said that Zimbabwe was currently under a dictatorship hence there was no need to attend any event being organised by Zanu (PF).

Said Prosper Sibanda: "As long as Zimbabwe is under dictatorship, there is no function worthy my attendance. Even if it was the last event on earth, I wouldn't regret anything if I miss it."

Another respondent, Mbamadukuvainomutsa Mudufu Wegorerino said: "I want to be enjoying myself at home. What nonsense is that to join the cabal of criminals? Thanks for a holiday."

Jabulani Matutu said: "There are better things to do than that." Said Mehleli Ndlovu: "I am enjoying myself in South Africa. Thanks but no thanks for the invite."

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