Thanks, but no thanks

We asked Zimbabweans “Ahead of Mugabes inauguration ... will you be attending now that the day has been declared a public holiday?” Your response was an overwhelming No thanks!

Lovemore Sithole
Lovemore Sithole

I’m one of those people who will not dine with thieves & fraudsters …thanks for the holiday ,im going to vist my friend who stays in RSA cuming back on sunday for work mybe ndinowana anaKasukuwera vavharisa. – Lovemore Sithole

If it were his burial yaah. – Raphael Shumbayaonda

Wow l wanna be enjoying myself at home. What nonsense is that to join the cabbale of criminals? thanks for a holiday. – Mbamadukuvainomutsa Mudufu Wegorerino

No- fraud and theft. – Neville Crowder

Mugabe will always be victorious coz he does have strategies that puts him were he wants……luk for your own strategies…… – Lastin Wunx

As long as Zim is under dictatorship,there is no function worthy my attendance. – Prosper Sibanda

I’m enjoying myself in Mzansi thanks but no thanks for the invite. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Ya – Rufaro Ex Maponga

Even if it ws the last event on earth wudnt regret anything if i miss it.waste of energy en tym! – Prosper Sibanda

Mhepo dzekumusha ndodzinowanikwa ipapo. – Mbamadukuvainomutsa Mudufu Wegorerino

No thanks. – Norest Noma

This cartoon is pregnant with meaning. Maybe the meaning is sacarsim. – Joseph Msipa

No – Kelvin Chiutare

This cartoon is just spoton. A true depiction of what will obtain in Zim in the not-so-distant future. Watch this space! – Wellington Nyakudirwa

Nop, there r better things to do than that. – Jabulani Matutu

When it happens one for one will be there. – Andrew Sithole

Why should l waste my time. – Tonderai Mugari

God will answer one of the days #sijikile konke sesizafhika. – Machinja Bhora Musango

Not me. – Loncino Zvironzo

We are a pollarised nation. Today we cannot differentiate what is right or wrong. As a result, we cannot pull in the same direction with our vision. What we know best is to sing for supper. – Enock Kwinika

Not the lyks of me. wat 4? – Christopher Zuka

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