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Is Mugabe too old to rule for 5 more years?

Last week we asked Zimbabweans whether you thought President Robert Mugabe was too old to rule for another five years. Here are some of your responses:

Prudence Mudeure
Prudence Mudeure

“VaMugabe chete chete!!! Pamberi navo, long live Baba my hero. – Theona Chinyanga

He is too old to decide. – Charles Matorera

And she supports Mugabe but does not live in the same country as “baba”? – Hannes Teessen

Old ones must retire and give chance 2 young energetic guys. – David Tandi

What are we doing about, you are part of the only few that benefited so l,m not surprised at all.Cronynism, nepotism, is what Zanu (PF) is all about. – Thabani Bhebhe

Achembera Mugabe. Taneta nekutongwa nechembere. Thats why our country is burning. – Regis Kaledza

He is too Old and he is coming too clever. – Norman Chimuchiti Chimz

Indeed old. – Kelvin Kwakukai

Zvamuri kutaura, mava kuda kugadzwa mutirongo zvichinzi ndorusununguko. – Ndlovu Chikafu Gift

Regai azorore is old tarisai muone akutengesa nyika kumachaina haachisiri Mugabe wataiziwa wekuma 1991. – Bazil Kirton Kirton

“Get away satan of Europe” – Patrick Mugoto

Food for thought – One being a company owner would u recruit an 89yr old CEO to steer yo organisation thru its strategic objectives.??? If yes, would u do the same for a nation? Personally, l wdnt recruit a CEO who dozes off in board meetings. – Allan Ba Anashe Mutumhe

It is a well known fact that Mugabe and Zanu (PF) authored our misery and object poverty, our former liberator turned tyrany, dictator, murderer and achitect of a pariah state. Beside Mugabe and Zanu (PF) have no exclusive right to claim liberation of Zimbabwe because the people of Zimbabwe, the bulk of whom are now MDC suppoters liberated Zimbabwe from colonialism. – Trust Ndlovu

He should be prosecuted for Gukurahundi. Why should a mass murderer be lauded as a hero? – Regis Kaledza

Of cause yes! Bring back the Zim dollar to those who so love Zanu (PF) that they allowed it to Rig back into power! – Mike Matizanadzo

Chembere inotaura mo than 2 hours imi mutikwanire. – Freedom SaMandlo Mukutulu

Chembere inotaura mo than 2 hours imi mutikwanire. – Freedom SaMandlo Mukutulu

A hero to a handfull but a digrace to the multitudes. – Mthokozisi Nxumalo

He always is our leader regardless of the stupid Zanu stealing our democracy. – Ernest Maseya

Zimbabwe is burning!!lsnt that answer enough? Mugabe should have retired like in 2005. Whats your 90yr old doing nw? – Regis Kaledza

He must be prosecuted for the crimes he commited since 1980.Gukurahundi was declaired as genocide, so how can someone in his right mind regard such a monster as a hero? – Mehleli Ndlovu

Mugabe has failed us for 33yrs. He has been fraudently clinging to power since 2000. He has never won an election since MDC was formed. He should accept d verdict of Zimbabweans, just quitting n resting. – Tapiwanashe Mukorovi

The thing is his policies ARE not sound,they are against growth and investment and now that there is no opposition to talk of in parliament GOD HELP US ALL!! – Regis Kaledza

“Mugabe is not fit to be in the office at that age unless if they put him just to sleep and we are nowhere as a country pliz the age is too much for any normal business of the country Mwari ndatiitirewo nyasha isu vana veZimbabwe tatambura ndatenda” – via SMS

Mugabe is the right person to rule for another 5yrs. Lets give him a chance. To MISRULE us yes, bob is the right man. – via SMS

Not only old but long overdue. If l wld put a safety lable on him i wld write, ‘keep out of reach of children!’ – from shurugwi, via SMS

“Mugabe must rule us for another 5 yrs he is not too old as he is capable and expirienced. He faught for our country” – via SMS

“I know he can see us 2 next level where we must be. We must glin some wisdom & resoluteness from the old man to accomplish our purpose as a nation. eutropia.” – via SMS

Not to me how can people call a person who has destroyed our country a hero ,please change the title hero on Mugabe and give it to someone who deserves it we are suffering because of that man in so many ways nobody could imagine and l wonder what my parents were fighting for in the war because l dont know what freedom is when l leave in a country that has no water or electricity and no rights for the people this is insane ,hero my foot l consider my parents the heroes here not Bob. – Patience Nyamukondiwa

All truth be said Zimbabwe as a nation is on a sick bed. the silence after the voting results should ring warning bells to the powers that be. if not then i would like to think myopia or self imposed myopia is highly detriment. if we seriously ,consider a future for our young, then the status quo has proven over and over that its not the platform for that “future” – Exaverio Dafa

“ No mugabe 2 old 2 b even a father of his so called family. He cant rule 5min. 90yrs! ancestors must rest!” – via SMS

“Yes, Mugabe will no longer go anywhere but it does mean that we must wait for period.” – via SMS

“Pliz Mugabe was too old auraya Zimbabwe nyika ngaitongwe ne MDC – T ine bag rese sama epworth” – via SMS

“Its a no-brainer. On 16 april 1980 is a common terrorist…17 april a pseudo “liberator””.. 18 April a bogus armchair politician… 19 April 1980 Mugabe elevated to master criminal. 99.99 percent of mugabelanders laughable COWARDS. Thats all the simple truth n hard facts. ps. I am black” – via SMS

“I don’t think age have got problem as long as he still have good policies, plus from my point of view opposition parties are therefore balances and checks” – via SMS

People always cannot differentiate between a talent and a curse. A gift/talent converted to be used for worldly benefit and for the glory of the devil becomes a curse. The so called hit song took many to hell, without controvesy the song supported and encouraged fornication. The only help to the life struggling artist: may he repent and be right with God. Satan supported him and used him while the guy was in his good health but now he wants him to hell which is the end of the all unGodly. – Prudence Mudeure

He is too old. – via SMS

YES. It should even be a debate. Can you trust a 90 year old to make decisions for a nation? – @MsRumby, Twitter

Manyepo ese aya murikumbobhadharwa mariiko nhai vanhu imi shame on you. – Robin Justin

Lets wait for his first act as President after the Inauguration then we can judge his capabilities. – @MaZimbaTisu, Twitter

The elections were not free and fair how can the whole world sit there and watch and do nothing who would vote for a president that is failing to provide water of all things to his people ,Please this is too much how long shall we watch our loved once dying of hunger ,our children not going to school and staying in the dark because the government cannot fix the electricity cables we are suffering because maybe its a crime to be born in Zimbabwe. – Patience Nyamukondiwa

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