Uniformed forces, Zanu (PF) supporters jostle for chicken at Mugabe inauguration

Uniformed forces and Zanu (PF) supporters jostled for food at the National Sports Stadium today during President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration as the party dished our free Chicken Inn packs.

The jostling resulted in chaos and at one time the Military Police had to intervene to restore order.

The chaos that erupted from the Chicken Inn rush saw some of the Zanu (PF) supporters who were gathered in the stadium flocking outside to grab their shares in a development that became a source of embarrassment.

Consequently, security details manning the gates had to block people from going outside as the development was now diverting attention from the main programme Several policemen and soldiers could be seen jumping queues to get to the front and this drew the ire of hundreds of Zanu (PF) supporters who were waiting in the queues to get their share.

The Zimbabwean witnessed some soldiers and police officers grabbing more than one pack while Zanu (PF) activists waited for their turn.

“This is so unfair. This food is meant for us the supporters but these soldiers are abusing their authority and taking food that is not meant for them. After all they are even taking more than one pack and it just

shows they are not concerned about all these people standing in the queues,” said an irate Zanu (PF) supporter.

Some of the Zanu (PF) supporters complained that there was “rigging” regarding the manner in which the Chicken Inn packs were being distributed.

“Some people are just coming here claiming that they have been sent by high ranking officials and getting as many as 10 packs but we know that they are not being honest with what they are saying. This food is meant for all of us and why would one want to get that much. It’s just unfair,” said another Zanu (PF) supporter.

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