UNWTO vetting discriminates

Local service providers who are not loyal to Zanu (PF) have complained that they were unable to operate during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation co-hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Only those with close links to Zanu (PF) were awarded tenders to offer services at the summit. Locals said lodge owners and tour guides were scrutinised by the CIO before they could be cleared to offer their services.

“Vic Falls is not benefiting much from this event. It is people who are closely aligned to Zanu (PF) who were awarded the tenders. The CIO made sure that only Zanu (PF) loyalists were cleared to rent their houses as lodges while big chefs brought their own tour guide vehicles from Harare,” said a source privy to accreditation procedures.

Taxi drivers also complained that they were not making any money.

“We thought there would be brisk business for us but it’s not quite as we expected. It seems that those big fish who are well connected are the ones making big money,” said local driver, Ronald Ncube.

Owen Sadze of TamCliff Taxies said the failure by the UNWTO organisers to accredit them was a clear sign that all was not well.

“We went through all the required processes. We were vetted but they decided not to accredit us and only gave us stickers to put on our vehicles,” said Sadze.

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