Voters fear losing land

People on a resettled commercial farm here voted for Zanu (PF) because they feared losing their land.

The people said they had been living on the farm for more than 10 years and had nowhere else to go.

A 25-year-old man who was visiting his extended family at Mashonganyika Farm told The Zimbabwean that his family had been warned by the local party leadership prior to the elections that in order to safeguard their land they had to vote for Zanu (PF).

According to the man, most of the people on the farm were war veterans who moved to the area from Epworth between 2001 and 2002 at the height of the farm seizures.

They had initially invaded a different farm but ended up at Mashonganyika after the government allocated them land.

“All the people here connect Zanu (PF) with the land they got. They have also been told by their local leadership that they will lose this land if they vote for any other party,” he said.

An elderly man who spoke to The Zimbabwean said they owed Robert Mugabe since he got them the land.

Before the elections, there were reports of people on farms being intimidated into voting for Zanu (PF).

At Umsengezi Farm in Mazowe West, locals reported that intimidation had made it difficult for other parties to campaign in the area.

They said people were reluctant to attend events organised by other parties other than Zanu (PF) in fear of being victimised.

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