Young councilor readies to tackle urban issues

Mlandu Ncube, the newly elected MDC –T Bulawayo ward four councilor, is one of the party’s young turks to emerge victorious from the recently concluded elections.

At age 26, Ncube is not only one of the youngest councilors in the MDC –T dominated Bulawayo council, but in the entire country. Ncube who is the party’s Bulawayo deputy youth organizing secretary, defeated Mbuso Sesso (MDC), Bertha Moyo (Zanu (PF) and Zapu’s Canaan Mpofu during the elections.

Some of Ncube‘s opponents are more than thrice his age.

In an interview with the Zimbabwean, Ncube said his desire is to see council brought closer to residents.

“In the past we have witnessed politicians imposing their wishes and agendas in the running of councils at the expense of the poor residents. The residents should be consulted on every key decision,” he said. Ncube, whose ward covers the city’s Central Business District, said one of the issues worrying him most is the development discrepancies between high density areas and the CBD.

Ncube, who holds a degree in social development, has also vowed to fight for tenants’ rights.

“Some tenants have been living in council flats for more than 30 years and yet they do not own those properties. We want those sitting tenants to be given first preference to buy these properties,” he said.

The other urgent issue Ncube want to fight is the deteriorating state of some buildings in the city, which have become health hazards.

“Estate agents continue to charge tenants for [unsafe] buildings while nothing is done to maintain the properties. That culture should stop,” he said. Ncube also bemoaned the continued harassment of vendors by police and lack of proper vending bays in the city.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are arresting vendors when that role should the responsibility of the municipal police. We need to protect vendors and organize in a more formal and orderly manner,” he added. The MDC-T won all the 29 ward elections in the city.

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