Youths stranded by ZANU PF resort to prostitution to survive

Groups of youths that were bussed into some districts to bolster voting statistics for ZANU PF in the elections, have been left stranded, with many of the youngsters resorting to prostitution to get by.

Residents across Zimbabwe have reported how many ZANU PF supporters were seen being bused into towns to vote, as part of the party’s strategy to manipulate the polls.

Many of the busloads include groups of youths, who were promised jobs and money in exchange for their voting services. But since the polls these promises have resulted in nothing, not even a bus ride home.

SW Radio Africa’s correspondent Simon Muchemwa spoke to many youths left stranded in towns such as Zvishavane and Chisumbanje, who were promised cash and work by their “bosses.”

“Job offers were given and promises to pay the youths huge sums of money were made, if they had towed the party line and voted for ZANU PF. They told me how they received voter registration receipts and once they had voted a number of times, they thought they would then get paid,” Muchemwa reported.

But the buses organised by the “bosses” never returned. “We don’t know what went wrong because our bosses never came back to explain the situation,” said ‘Julian’, a 22 year old woman caught soliciting prostitution in Zvishavane.

“I stay in Mufakose, Harare and came here when I was told I would be employed at Mimosa Mine soon after the elections.” Julian told SW Radio Africa’s Muchemwa. In Chisumbanje similar incidents were also confirmed.

‘Grace’ from Rusape was bused into Mutare with a group of youths who were all promised work at the Chisumbanje Ethanol plant, if they first voted for ZANU PF. Grace, together with a number of young women, were later taken to Chisumbanje but they were dumped at the site with no accommodation or money.

“These young women were targeted by some local men who offered beds and money in exchange for sex, and soon they resorted to prostitution. They have been trying to get money to survive and maybe try go home,” Muchemwa said. – SW Radio Africa

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