Zanu can go it alone

Zanu (PF) is ready to run the new government alone and said it will not invite MDC members and other election losers to be part of the new cabinet.

Zanu (PF) spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, said his party had what it took to run government ministries effectively.

“Zanu (PF) has capable members to run government ministries and the party can go it alone,” Gumbo told The Zimbabwean.

Political analysts disputed Zanu (PF)’s claims.

Analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya, said: “The past 33 years do not suggest Zanu (PF) can make it alone in government. The economy of Zimbabwe went underground under a Zanu (PF) government and nothing suggests that the party would perform any better this time around”.

Ngwenya said he would not be surprised to see Zanu (PF) attempting to go it alone.

Economic analyst, Eric Bloch, said it would take investor friendly policies and property rights to attract direct foreign investment to Zimbabwe, which was crucial for economic development.

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