Zanu (PF) not worried about illegitimacy of election

President Robert Mugabe is not losing sleep because regional power broker SADC has not specifically described the contentious July 31 elections as fair and credible, Zanu (PF) politburo secretary for information Rugare Gumbo has said.


As the dust over the electoral outcome refuses to die down, reports say Mugabe seems to have taken comfort from congratulatory messages pouring in from across the continent and in particular from SADC point-man and mediator to the long-drawn Zimbabwean crisis, South African President Jacob Zuma.

Gumbo told The Zimbabwean: “Those talking about the issue of credibility and fairness are actually lost and we are not worried. What credibility should we look for beyond the fact that Zuma has said the elections were free and peaceful and congratulated the President?

“We have been recognised by the African Union and the United Nations as having conducted a free and fair poll. We view those talking about credibility as sore losers who have nothing important to do but nit-pick on mundane things,” said Gumbo.

Tsvangirai’s MDC Harare spokesperson and outgoing deputy Justice Minister Obert Gutu thought otherwise.

“Whether or not the presidential and other election-related applications and petitions will succeed in the Zimbabwe courts is not the issue. The main issue is to lay bare, to everyone concerned, the unassailable fact that the July 31 elections were thoroughly compromised and did not pass the test of freeness, fairness and legitimacy.

“We are on the ground in Zimbabwe and we are acutely aware of the compelling need to always remain focused and strategic in our approach to unsettling the dictatorship using peaceful, lawful, democratic and constitutional means,” Gutu said.

Zimbabwe’s latest round of elections, although recognised as generally peaceful, have been condemned, particularly by western powers.

Regionally, western neighbour Botswana has refused to recognise the elections demanding an independent audit. President Ian Khama has attracted brick-bats from Zanu (PF) with state controlled media going all out to demonise him as an appendage of the West.

Mugabe’s political arch-foe former MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai has refused to recognise the result, calling the poll a “sham”. He has challenged the electoral outcome in the Constitutional Court arguing that the poll was massively rigged.

A dossier presented to the ConCourt by Tsvangirai’s lawyers last Friday gives insight into how 89-year-old Mugabe “stole” the election.

Tsvangirai claims that Mugabe hired a shadowy Israeli firm NIKUV International Projects famed for election shenanigans across the continent to doctor the voters roll in favour of Zanu (PF). NIKUV was reportedly paid an astonishing $10 million for the “job” at a time when Zimbabwe was battling to secure funding for the electoral process.

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