ZAPU dismisses poll

ZAPU has dismissed the July 31 election as illegitimate.

The party’s spokesman, Mjobisi Noko, told The Zimbabwean there had been many irregularities in the manner in which the elections were held.

“There was rampant duplication of voters and bussing-in of voters from other areas into wards such as Kambuzuma. There were two polling stations in Kambuzuma where people were brought in by ZUPCO buses. We don’t know who did it, Zanu (PF) or MDC,” he said.

Noko said ZAPU had noted that at many polling stations there were no scanners to guard against double voting. He said his party had approached SADC and African Union observers with their findings.

“We supplied them with our findings and we did not get any feedback. Now they are saying aggrieved parties should go to the courts,” he said.

Noko said ZAPU would approach the courts for recourse.

“We are contesting the issue of the voters’ roll. For a credible election you need a voters’ roll that is clear and clean,” he said.

ZAPU President and former Zanu (PF) politburo member, Dumiso Dabengwa, said prior to the elections that holding a poll in Zimbabwe without a new roll would be pointless.

Dabengwa spoke of double entries in the current voters’ roll saying it warranted investigation. He called for a fresh voter registration exercise and the creation of a new voters’ roll.

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