ZEC Results: announced 3rd August 2013

These are the final results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, as of 3 August 2013.

The map below represents the results declared so far. Full details available on our website at: http://sokwanele.com/zimbabwe-elections/. Please note that our website maps have been heavily cached to make them as quick as possible with traffic. But this means you may have to empty your browser caches to view updates.

These are the results. Please note that they have been recorded off the television, and we have yet to complete set of results that we can use to verify all figures.

Results summary:

Presidential (via Kubatana.net):

Robert Mugabe Zanu PF 2,110,434 61.09

Morgan Tsvangirai MDC-T 1,172,349 33.9

Welshman Ncube MDC 92,637 2.68

Dumiso Dabengwa Zapu 25,416 0.74

Kissnot Mukwazhi* ZDP 9,931 0.29

Total 3,480,047


206 seats mapped. (Sokwanele has to identify results for four remaining constituencies: they are Mutoko East, Masvingo South, Masvingo Central and Chiredzi North. These will be updated on our map when we have them.)

Zanu-PF: 155

MDC-T: 50

Independent: 1

Zanu PF has claimed a 2/3 majority in Parliament which means they can govern alone and have the power to amend the new constitution.

Sokwanele comment:

The results of these election are so biased towards Zanu PF that there is no possible way any reasonble person can believe that they are credible or legitimate.

Polling day may have been peaceful and calm, but fraud took place on a grandscale. We believe that the rigging of these elections started long before election day and much of that fraud was transparantly obvious and well documented in the media. It included tampering with the voters' roll, calculatedly hampering the voters' registration process, intimidation and harrassment of people in the rural areas, and violating numerous laws in the lead-up to the elections.

Zimbabwe's right to freedom and democracy has been stolen.

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