ZIFA administrators crooks

Former Dynamos defender Stanely Chirambadare has blasted the local football mother body, the Zimbabwe football Association of compromising the country’s future of the game by ignoring junior development.


He also accused Zifa of having “commercialised” the sport in a way that kills its future. “Zifa administrators are wantonly chewing development funds, on the claims that they pay the senior team players, but we all know is a lie and this is not different from an organised crime,” said Chirambadare.

“What’s sad is that as no one asks questions. Even the guys who have the power of the pen have been conspicuous by their silence. Right now our junior national teams have been banned from international tournaments and what preparations are we making should the ban be lifted?

“ZIFA village is supposed to be a developmental centre, but some people are looking at how they can use the place for commercial purposes. Then we ruthlessly blame the clubs and national teams when they fail in international competitions.”

Chirambadare said he was doing his part in developing the game.

“My heart bleeds when young talent is neglected, but with the little support I am getting, I will fight on,” he said.

“Zifa officials should know that junior development feeds the national teams. It begins at primary schools going up, but if ignored like now, then we will have a bleak future.”

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