Zifa admit Chafa cheated

The Zimbabwe Football Association will not contest the positive drug test for midfielder Devon Chafa after the Dynamos midfielder admitted taking a banned performance enhancing substance.

The rules are clear that should the accused party feel aggrieved, he or she is free to submit a Sample B for another testing but Warriors’ doctor, Nicholas Munyonga, says there is no reason for doing that since the player has admitted he took the banned substance.

Munyonga said they advised Chafa that a banned drug was found in him and the player admitted and as a result, “there is no need to have a Sample B analysed as this will be at our cost. We agree with the results of the test, and that is the reason why we have skipped the issue of (the second sample,” said Munyonga.

Munyonga, who is also the Chairman of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Medical Commission, is hopeful that the sentence from Fifa would not be drastic, considering the fact that Zifa readily admitted the offence.

Munyonga said the issue was now in the hands of the Fifa disciplinary committee which will decide on the penalty to be imposed on Chafa and Zimbabwe. He said Fifa have already finished investigations and the relevant dossier has been forwarded to their disciplinary committee.

At the moment, revealed Munyonga, Chafa is free to play for Dynamos or the Warriors since his sentence has not yet been pronounced.

The Dynamos midfielder is part of the Warriors side that has been called for next week’s World Cup qualifier against Mozambique and the friendly match against South Africa, two days later.

Although Chafa claims he took the drug in question to heal his injured leg, he did not declare that to the Warriors doctor as required by procedure.

All players, when they report for duty, are supposed to declare all the drugs they would have taken a few days before to the team doctor, who is supposed to note.

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