Zim regressing: Heal Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe’s utterances challenging Harare and Bulawayo residents to go and get benefits for voting for the MDC is an indication that the country is regressing to the 2008 post-election period, when retribution was rife, says the director of Heal Zimbabwe Trust, Rashid Mahiya.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Retired Air Commodore and national hero, Mike Karakadzai, at Heroes Acre, Mugabe lashed out at the urban electorate. “Harare you voted, Bulawayo you voted, yes yes go and get what you voted for from them (MDC),” he said.

Zanu (PF) won six seats against rivals MDC- T’s 23 seats in Harare council, while in Bulawayo metropolitan province, the MDC- T secured all the 12 seats.

“Such statements have the potential to send the wrong signals to party supporters at the grassroots level. For a president elect to victimise the electorate by issuing such statements is disastrous for a country seeking to move forward,” said Mahiya.

“The possibility that the party could intensify political retribution in the post-election period is very high. The party does not have the capacity to integrate opposition supporters during their tenure of office,” he said.

Mahiya predicted that Zanu (PF) would in the near future implement strategies to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes a one party state.

“The government of national unity provided a platform for a diversity of views and the three coalition partners would challenge each other on certain issues. This new government is compromised because all the power has been vested in one individual,” he said.

An official from an NGO working towards promoting peace among grassroots communities, who spoke on condition of anonymity, urged civil society organisations to intensify their work towards promoting peace.

“The challenge is that CSOs are viewed as champions of the regime change agenda. There is need for more engagement and partnerships between government and CSOs to ensure that government regains trust in the operations and objectives of their activities,” she said.

Mahiya’s statements comes amid revelations that supporters of the MDC- T in Mudzi, Uzumba and Maramba Pfungwe in Mashonald East, Muzarabani, Shamva in Mashonaland Central and in Mashonaland West have fled their homes following systematic retributive attacks by Zanu (PF) stalwarts.

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