Zimbabweans react to 5 more years of Mugabe

As the reality begins to sink in that ZANU-PF now has total control of both houses of Zimbabwe’s legislature and Mugabe remains the President, feelings of anger, shock, despair and confusion are taking over.


Large numbers of voters queued in freezing weather last Wednesday, hoping to end the political and economic crisis that has gripped the country since the violent 2008 presidential runoff.

Many accepted defeat at that time, even though Morgan Tsvangirai had clearly won, and settled for a coalition government that included the MDC formations. But as always ZANU PF reneged on the deal that created the coalition and refused to implement reforms they had agreed to.

It was hoped this time around that the will of the people would be respected.

According to SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa, many who voted for the MDC-T say they are in shock and feel confused, angry and concerned.

“There are mixed feelings. Most people are contemplating their future and trying to figure out what to do next. They are also afraid that ZANU PF may be up to something bad since they won the election,” Muchemwa said.

A Harare resident who spoke to our correspondent said: “If people voted for Mugabe it’s really surprising, but what I think is there has been some smart rigging. ZANU PF’s evil policies shall continue and the politicians shall continue looting and stealing using their economic empowerment policy.”

“I was very, very surprised. As far as I am concerned we are going to wait and see. I was expecting something different from the results but unfortunately ZANU PF won. We still want different results but for now we are very, very disappointed.”

Muchemwa said celebrations by ZANU PF were subdued and they took place mostly in high-density areas dominated by ZANU PF.

An SABC news crew, covering the election, tweeted that Zims were shouting at their car that they’d be seeing plenty more Zimbabweans in South Africa very soon. –SW Radio Africa News

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