Zuma 'not done' with Zimbabwe-spokesperson

The South African Presidency dismissed reports President Jacob Zuma is expected to inform regional leaders of his intentions to quit his role as mediator in Zimbabwe.


Following Zimbabwe’s controversial elections, which culminated in Zuma congratulating Robert Mugabe for his “victory”, there have been reports

Zuma would tell regional leaders at the SADC Summit that "they should relieve him of his job as facilitator and they are likely to agree with him.”

However in a statement, Mac Maharaj, Zuma’s spokesperson slammed such reports.

“We wish to clarify that should President Zuma or the South African Government have any position on Zimbabwe, such information is communicated directly through to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) or publicly when necessary,” said Maharaj.

“The Presidency distances itself from this rumour and rejects the utilisation of gossip and rumour to communicate a serious matter as South Africa's mediation role in the neighbouring Zimbabwe.”

South African Heads of State, Zuma and his predecessor have mediated in Zimbabwe’s political crisis with mixed fortunes.

This weekend, regional leaders will meet to discuss prevailing problems in the SADC bloc with the just-ended poll in Zimbabwe expected to feature prominently on the agenda.

The mainstream Movement for Democratic Change is challenging Zanu (PF) so-called landslide victory citing lack of reforms prior to the election and a myriad of irregularities on July 31, the day the polls were held.

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