Chivi councillors want Zivhu out

Killer Zivhu, the new Chivi rural district chairman, has a criminal record, and is unsuitable to lead a public body, his Zanu (PF) colleagues have said. But district administrator Benard Hadzirambwi defended him, saying Zivhu received a waiver to contest in the elections.

Hadzirambwi did not say who granted the waiver.

Zivhu, once the self proclaimed president of the Zimbabwe Cross Border Association, was controversially elected as the new leader of the Chivi rural district council recently.

Zivhu said he never served time in jail after the conviction because he appealed against the court’s judgement and left the country soon afterwards.

“When people were not seeing me they thought I was in prison and yet I was out of the country. I never went to prison,” he argued.

The Zimbabwean has it on good authority the Zivhu was in 2008 convicted of fraud after swindling scores of cross border traders over Z$11 million.

Inside Zanu (PF) questions were being raised about Zivhu’s rise to the post of chairman, with his colleagues arguing that they did not trust him.

“We are going to complain to the responsible minster so that fresh elections are conducted,” said a councillor. “We all know the background of the new chairman and there is no way we can trust him.”

The councillors alleged that Zivhu bought his way into council, using his connections with senior officials, a charge he denied.

He should be stripped of his new post to allow for another election for the chairmanship post, said one councillor.

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