Conference to tackle issues of waste management

“Developing sustainable Waste Management strategies” is the theme of an innovative the Waste Management Conference & Exhibition to be held in Harare in November.

For more information on how to register go to: or The sales department Ceneysith Private Business Corporation 039-266 580 email: [email protected]

The conference, scheduled for November 5-6, will present a platform to discuss current trends in waste Management policy, financing, planning and regulation; explore latest technologies & products and best practices in moving towards zero waste strategies and promoting sustainable environment. The event will assemble major and leading stakeholders, waste management solution providers and consultants to address and discuss challenges and strategies for waste reduction, collection and disposal techniques, waste treatment and recycling methods.

The Waste Management Conference and Exhibition will address areas of waste management, including: Waste Treatment Options, Waste Management Economics, Multi Stakeholder Participation, Capacity and Expertise in Waste Management, Sustainability, Waste Recycling Options Successful Implementation of Integrated Solid Waste Management.

In addition, the exhibition sector will provide a platform for national and regional consultants to display latest technologies and equipment’s, tried and true solutions from other countries and technologies in the waste and recycling industry and other research solutions.

Keynotes at the Waste Management Conference include speakers from The Practical Action Zimbabwe, Institute of Waste Management, Hit Enviro and Tongaat Hullet Zimbabwe and key government speakers to address the issues of Solid Waste Management in Zimbabwe. – Contact us at CeneySith Private Business Corporation, Tel SA (27)-039-266580, or [email protected]

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