DZP problems for Zimbos?

The situation for Zimbabwean exiles is going from bad to worse, following reports that the South African government may not renew asylum permits.

Queues for asylum permits at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.
Queues for asylum permits at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

A Department of Home Affairs source revealed earlier this week that scores of Zimbabweans could lose their permits when they expire. “The criteria will be that those who were given permits and have been working till the renewal date, will have them renewed,” said the source.

“To have a permit renewed, the holder should show proof that they have been working all along and that they still are. We will need a letter from an employer and other proof, like bank statements to show that they are getting a regular income.”

Those who fail to satisfy the DHA criteria will have no option but to leave the country.

“We know there are people who paid bribes for their permits, so we will guard against that on their renewal. Those with criminal records will also be disqualified from the process and have their permits cancelled immediately,” added the DHA official. DHA spokesman, Ronnie Mamoepa, referred all questions to Immigration Director-general, Jackie McKay, who did not answer his phone.

The permits, welcomed by many but criticised by others due to their four-year lifespan, begin to expire in December next year.

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