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What the Warriors need is not a local or a foreign coach to perform. What they need is a good system in place that will see football being run professionally at all level of the game. They need to be paid in time for enough motivation to play for their country. There will be nothing like the Asiagate scandals if our boys are made to be satisfied. – Ranga Tamuka, Chitungwiza.

I get the feeling that there is no feeling of national pride in wearing the green and yellow jersey these days. The players of today just don’t know what it means. Gone are the days of Peter Ndlovu, when playing for the national team was a form of great pride and honour. Wilfred and William Mugeyi knew they owed it to the soccer fans to give them an entertaining game. Their fans were always hungry to watch them play once more. It is something our current crop of players need top know. – Jimmy Gararirimo, Avondale.


So DeMbare is not the invincible after all. It is great to see big teams loosing it against the so-called small teams. It makes football unpredictable and when matches bring on surprises it becomes much more fun to follow than when it is obvious. – Henry Pasipanodya, Waterfalls.


I would like to urge Bosso to keep winning games. Every game is crucial boys, please let us pocket all the points and make sure that we aim for the lead. Viva Bosso. – Aaron Dube, Johannesburg.

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