Gwenoro dam decommissioned

The local authority has no other option but to decommission its main water source, Gwenoro Dam, a local official has revealed.

A lot of money has been invested to safeguard the supply of water from Gwenoro Dam.
A lot of money has been invested to safeguard the supply of water from Gwenoro Dam.

The development, which follows dwindling water levels, is a major blow to the council, which earlier this year installed state-of-the-art pumping equipment at a cost of $2million in anticipation of improved smooth supplies to the city.

The German Society for International Cooperation also spent millions of dollars trying to improve the pumping system at the dam. GIZ is an international enterprise owned by the German Federal Government.

Johns Nathambwe, the city’s Engineer said: “Next week we will be officially de-commissioning Gwenoro dam. We have no other option because the water capacity there is about two percent,” he said. “Amapongogwe dam will take over from Gwenoro. The dam is at 43 percent capacity and can last us until August next year if all water consumers use the liquid sparingly.”

He blamed excessive water usage by residents as having contributed to the dryness of Gwenoro dam.

“Residents were supposed to be using a monthly amount of 20,000 cubic litres but unfortunately the consumption shot up to 34,000 cubic meters. That contributed to the running dry of Gwenoro and so in future we want to encourage residents to use water sparingly.

Last week the city’s Assistant Town Clerk, Tapiwa Marerwa, told The Zimbabwean that the council was also planning to sink 36 boreholes in order to counter possible water shortages after the decommissioning of Gwenoro dam.

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