Journalists have nothing to fear: Moyo

Incoming Media and Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo, who has been blamed for his media hangman attitude and the introduction of harsh media laws says journalists have nothing to fear “except fear itself”.

Jonathan Moyo.
Jonathan Moyo.

Speaking on the sidelines of an interview during the swearing in of cabinet ministers at State House today, Moyo said he was prepared to usher in a new dispensation and work harmoniously with journalists.

“The one thing that I hope will be different is that you and us will work together very harmoniously. I am looking forward to working with you and I hope you are looking forward to working with us as well. We will work with all Zimbabweans who are patriotic and respect the laws of Zimbabwe.

“Anybody who respects the public will be part of our engagement. Journalists have nothing to fear except fear itself,” said Moyo.

Moyo, however, gave a hint that he would be tough on “pirate radio stations” broadcasting outside Zimbabwe and implored journalists working for the stations to come and utilise opportunities in Zimbabwe’s media industry.

“We believe that recent experience across the media has shown that there is quite some room and opportunities and we would like our citizens whether here or in the diaspora to exploit these opportunities.

“We do have a problem with foreign countries that set radio stations that broadcast hostile propaganda in our country. We are delighted we have a common position with SADC on this issue. In the first instance, we would rather persuade each other about this. Let’s look for each other and have a meeting of minds,” said Moyo.

When asked over the issue of licensing of new players in the broadcast industry, Moyo said: “That process has already started. We do have two private radio stations and we will have more as we move along and the same will apply to television.”

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