MDC-T supporters denied drought relief food aid

MDC-T supporters are reportedly being denied drought relief food aid that government is meant to distribute to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation.

Reports from several areas around the country indicate that post-election retribution is at the heart of these illegal acts by ZANU PF agents, and the police are said to be opening case files without pursuing investigations further.

The latest report came from Mashonaland East where Piniel Denga, the MDC-T losing candidate for Chikomba constituency, said there have been evictions, houses being burned and intimidation on a wide scale.

Denga said: “ZANU PF has been on a spree. They are claiming they won the election but act like people who lost the elections. They are victimizing people in my constituency and as you know, burning down houses.”

According to Denga, the home of MDC-T official Adam Katsiga, which was burned down last week after midnight while his children slept, was targeted because he had gone to Harare two days earlier to report that his family and party members were being denied food aid.

Chikomba said that Katsiga had been warned but felt he had no choice because people in his area need food. As reported on SW Radio Africa last week, a report was made to the police but no action was taken.

“They are doing this to instil fear in the electorate so that next time they will not vote for anyone but ZANU PF. They want people to remember what happened to them again, just like they did in 2008 and reminded people years later,” Denga said.

According to Denga, the police say that their hands are tied and they cannot pursue cases against ZANU PF supporters, whose bosses also give orders to the police. – SW Radio Africa News

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