Microsoft announces new cutting edge technology in Zimbabwe

Microsoft Corporation today announced the commercial launch of Microsoft Office 365, the company’s next generation cloud based service for businesses of all sizes in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the launch of the product in Harare, the company’s Public Cloud Sales Manager for East, West and Central Africa, Pratik Roy, told journalists that the up to date service, which has been tried in several African countries such as Ghana. Kenya, Angola and Mauritius was already commercially available in Zimbabwe.

Comprising of four key components—Microsoft Office, email, communication and collaboration tools, the newest cloud service—Office

365 brings affordable cutting edge technology to thousands of Zimbabwean in the small to medium enterprises.

Roy said: “The service is now available for small and medium scale businesses at a predictable monthly cost. Currently, businesses can try it for free for the next 30 days by signing up at

“Office 365 enables consumers to move to the cloud without changing the way they work since the program is based on the familiar, industry leading productivity tools people know and trust. People get new ways of working together on virtually any device, using the familiar Office applications while being guaranteed of reliability, security and the various Information Technology controls they need in the cloud,” he said.

Roy urged business entities to adopt Office 365 since the program had the potential to improve productivity.

Introduced on a trial basis in Zimbabwe four months ago, Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s largest global beta programmes for businesses.

Globally, more than 10, 000 organisations have signed up and tested Office 365.

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