NANGO expo 2013


The NGO Expo is a premier exhibition event for Civil Society organisations held every year at the Harare Gardens where CSOs from across the country meet to share experiences, network and showcase their work to the general public. Over the years, the expo has largely been a preserve of CSOs with limited participation from the Corporates and Government.

The resultant has been the inability of CSOs to tell their story to a wider audience and hence the increased lack of visibility of CSO interventions or contribution to national development. This anomaly resulted in poor relationships between the three entities thereby reducing opportunities for productive synergies and partnerships for national development. It is in this light that NANGO this year opens up the expo to a multi-stakeholder audience to ensure that it maximises on the potentials of the different stakeholders invited to exhibit and conference.

NGO EXPO 2013 is an ideal platform for NGOs, Grant Making Institutions, Individuals, Private Sector and Government to interact face to face to showcase their work and engage each other for the greater good of national development. The Expo is the only platform in the country and in the SADC region that brings together more than 200 CBOs/NGOs to exhibit innovative solutions, best practices and social interaction

The NANGO NGO EXPO 2013 aims to facilitate the realisation of this year’s theme of Government, Private Sector and CSOs Partnering for National Development.

2013 Objectives:

• Raise awareness of CSOs and their work in national development in Zimbabwe.

• Provide opportunities for CSOs and Community based Organisations in Zimbabwe to showcase the work they do in communities and facilitate networking, volunteering, and fundraising from the public and other stakeholders.

• Connect CSOs with each other for knowledge sharing and also with experts to enhance their governance, Public Relations, communications and resource mobilisation.

• Provide a platform that will allow CSOs to engage with government and corporate stakeholders

Expected Outcomes

It is anticipated that after participation at this premier exhibition event, CSOs, Private Sector and Government the following outcomes will be achieved;

• Strong multi-stakeholder partnerships sharing a common vision.

• Positive branding and visibility for participants.

• Well defined networking and partnership parameters.

• Platform for CSOs, Private Sector and Government for consensus building and showcasing their products.

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