Nyamandhlovu farmer faces eviction for being MDC-T

A Nyamandhlovu farmer is living in fear, after ZANU PF activists entered his property and told him to wind up operations and leave.

Thembinkosi Sibindi, who is also the MDC-T Mat North organising secretary, was not present when the group of eight ZANU PF members, led by Ward 4 Councillor David Moyo, arrived.

Sibindi said the group told his terrified workers that the farm was ZANU PF property and MDC supporters had no claim on the land.

“They arrived on August 29th, and told the manager that the farm belonged to ZANU PF and not MDC people.

“When they were told that I was not around, they left instructions with the manager to tell me to wind up business on the farm as they were coming to evict me,” Sibindi said.

Although a report was made to the police and the people are known in the area, Sibindi said no arrests have been made.

Instead, the police asked Sibindi to present them with proof of ownership if he does not want to be evicted from the farm.

Sibindi said he also telephoned the ZANU PF Nyamandhlovu MP, Obert Mpofu, asking why members of the opposition were no longer allowed to be on the land and whether he had sent the group.

The leader of the group, Moyo, is said to have close links with Mpofu, who is also the outgoing Mines Minister.

“Mpofu denied any knowledge of the planned eviction. But this is not the first time this has happened. In 2005, the same ZANU PF group evicted me. Luckily this time the police intervened and evicted the invaders,” Sibindi said.

Sibindi added: “We are now living in fear for our lives as we don’t know what these people are planning to do next. They are going around saying they want to remove all traces of the MDC-T in the constituency by the next election.

“I have suffered on-going harassment from these people. They take down the fence whenever it suits them and they never get arrested. The same thing is happening to MDC-T supporters in Tsholotsho.

“It seems if you are a member of the MDC you are not considered Zimbabwean,” he said.

Since the outcome of the contested July 31st election was announced, there has been widespread victimisation of MDC supporters in the country.

Similar incidents have been reported in the Mashonaland provinces.

Last month Headman John Chikware from Matumbu village in Chimanimani, was evicted by ZANU PF war vets who accused him of campaigning for the MDC-T.

Other hotspots include Mberengwa, Zaka, and some parts of Nyanga North. At least 25 families were ejected from their homes in Mt Darwin by ZANU PF activists. – SW Radio Africa News

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