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We asked Zimbabweans: Are sanctions an effective strategy for encouraging change in Zimbabwe? Do sanctions affect your daily life?

Shupikai Mwashusha
Shupikai Mwashusha

They just close but as we are importers of everything we will be hurt most lets wait and see there is no going for tit fo tat scenerio. – Shupikai Mwashusha

Sanctions shld go so that thy will hve no one to blame if they are removed. So its better they are removed coz these leaders will continue to loot and blame sanctions. – Prince Ngoni Mzezewa

NO. Change has to come from within Zimbabwe. First thing needed is removal of sanctions. To encourage change 1) Don’t demonise RGM. It helps no one in reality. 2) Countries sit down & talk to Zim govt. Govt will use them as a reason for not delivering to the people. There needs to be acknowledgement that despite claims sanctions still hurt even if unintentionally ie image of Zim etc. VITAL to talk to normal people about what THEY want & need.They want bread & butter issues sorted out ASAP. Simple. People want regular water supply, ZESA for home & resuscitation of industry esp Byo, job creation + stable economy. – @SirNige

The majority of the people will blame anyone who advocates for them like what happened to Tsvangirai. He owes the Zimbos an exaplanation. That strategy backfires. – Nixon Mtakwa

Nope because the same people that R targeted can target U and me and make the sanctions bite all #twimbos. – @tixonfire

No. They’re a gift to Mugabe to use as propaganda. Get rid and see what he says. – @delappe

Not really. – @TapsMarv

The sanctions actually do the opposite, they stifle change. Those in the system who want change cannot encourage it in “war”. – Thembinkosi [email protected]

Nicely said, demonising #Mugabe does nothing to change #Zimbabwe. – @LivingZimbabwe

No. – @Chimhosva

Let’s produce in surplus and if sanctions would affect Zimbabwe. We have an issue of incompetence in the policy makers. Recently I was reading a news from Cima global, Zimbabwe was leading on corruption within the public sector. Sanctions is Mugabe’s of diverting people focus from his incompetence and corruption. Zimbabwe needs new blood of active youth the rest is nonsense. – Simbarashe Makwati

Well they should be a part of the strategy. Sanctions and other deplomatic and economic pressures shld be employed. – @bigCmaz

Nope. – @chipom

Zim gov’t, US & UK need to appreciate, recognize mutual interests. Stigma of sanctions & diplomatic isolation benefits no 1. – @Smith_RFKennedy

NO! – @Karenilla

No. – @DanaiTafara

No!! – @munya_david

No!! – @DaEmpress_S

NO!! – @norahspie

NO those who can not deliver will end up blaming them. – @TariroMangena

Remember mugabe alwys sys he doesnt need european countries hence he coined the sy “look to the east”. he must live his talk, if he doesnt care about europe it means with/without sanctions his govnment cn deliver so why debate about ths. – Prosper Sibanda

Sanctions have lost their effectiveness. Not a solution. They have become both a western and ZPF rhetoric, whilst we suffer. – @BillyChikwasha

No! – @ButlerZKapumha

No! – @Just_Midzi

NO – @nibeeka

Nop but they can be a blessing in disguise if we implement the right strategies and become self sufficient. – @ZimReality

NO! – @Gr8Zimbabwe

Targeted sanctions hurt only the targets. Propaganda about hurting country must be dispelled. – @Czeditor

No. They have resulted in entrenchment. – @TDithobane

NO!! NO!!!!!!!!!!! – @MonicaKanyepi

Smith survived FULL UN sanctions. Was it not the S. Africans stopping the fuel that led to his demise??? – @Masiwazi

No they not. We need to demand them removed whether Zanu or MDC is in power, they paralyze us not them. – Mc Kudzi @itsMcJesus

Sanctions! What sanctions? Chiedzo T @AfricaSoEquator

Hapana chandinotsanangura aya masanction akakumbirwa naSave, chete. Ivhu kuvhu – Chrispen Mutserendende

They are not effective at all. If u think they are can you tell me any mishap to our country as a results of the said sanctions. – Victor Madzipa

Sanctions are killing ordinary citizens not solving anything. – Morgen K Mabasa

Not at all. – @zimtaxpayer

They are not effective because they are “targeted”. Bring on the full wrath of sanctions. Why capitulate to Mugabe? He will only use it in his propaganda machinery as another victory over the West. – Regis Kaledza

The sanctions on Ian Smith gvt were cosmetic. His gvt was supported by the apatheird regime in south africa. – @malmupa

More than capable, we must hv a trnsparent govnmnt en right ppl @ key gov ministries, i dont c us failing. – Prosper Sibanda

Sanctions have devastating effects. Mind you we are talking of full scale economic sanctions (not travel bans) which include ZIDERA. They affect every aspect of the economy and when Tsvangirai advocated for them people turned against him and voted for Zanu pf. – Nixon Mtakwa

We need to remove corrupt gov officials first. – Caleb Mutsvuke

Zanu pf inopenga isa cheme nesanctinz Ndaitarise East Policy. Tione Zvibhamu zvekuuyipandukira frm China. – Flobagasto Flohemia

Mugabe must take full responsibility of his mismanagement. What led Zhakata to write the song Mugove? What led J Mhaka to sing chapwititi? What led Mapfumo to sing Mamvemve? It was 1997 when the Zim dollar lost 70+% of its value on the same day. Was it Tsvangirai or Sanctions? He must hang the boots and give power to any of his Zanu pf people Munangagwa or Mujuru. We need a new face for the country, that one of Mugabe is too annoying. He has taught us nothing but hatred. He is so clueless about running the economy. Let him play the tit for tat game timboona the real package of sanctions. It is until then will his mouth shut! He takes more time in preparing for hate speech than he spend on love speech. – Simbarashe Makwati

Xplain how were the smth s sanctions. – Tendai Mtizva

SANCTIONS: From 1965 – 1979 the Ian Smith regime was under United Nations-supervised, mandatory sanctions – yet the economy prospered, industry flourished and the dollar was worth two US dollars. Mugabe and a few individuals in Zanu (PF) have been under targeted measures for less than 10 years – yet millions are starving and the Zim dollar has been scrapped because it was worthless. Can anyone explain this please?

Smith was not corrupt, did not take part in foreign wars, did not print money and he took advice from parliament. – Gain Sibanda

British Gvt n Companies stil invested using companies sch as LonRho & Banks supportd industry. – @CdeMarcKatsaura

Banks in Zim are currently NOT supporting industry. – @CdeMarcKatsaura 58m

“If the leadership is good & does its work for the pple, sanctions dont work (look at Cuba, Rhodesia, Iran etc). But if the leadership is selfish, mercenary-like, corrupt and whack, then sanctions or no sanctions, the country will burn and go down (eg Zimbabwe, DRC/Zaire, Malawi, Romania etc).” – Samuel Nyevedzanai

@Leonard, don`t forget even apartheid South Africa was sanctioned. – Mthenjwa Balumeho Ndlovu

Maybe the Ian Smith regime was under half hearted sanctions e.g sanctions on Fascist gvts. The regime could have flourished bcoz of help from apatheid counterparts in S.A. Alternatively mismanagement could have bedeviled the Zanu pf gvt. I bet these points are all correct,but to what extent! – Leonard Jokochoko

Mugabe has help from China. Remember the “Look east policy” – Farayi Ruddo

I don’t think you are a Zimbabwean Tumbare. – Mudavanhu Marume

No it cannot. lf we are screaming and squirming with those targeted sanctions, lmagine what will happen if we are totally isolated. No man can ever be an island. Likewise a tree cannot be a forest. – Regis Kaledza

SA was also sanctioned and same economy is still standing 20 years later after gross looting by the ANC….NOW I realise that Mugabe and the ANC have actually done nothing they are just riding on the extreme success of the previous governments.Its like a new football coach who takes over from the best football coach, he might boast about his success only to fail later because he will be riding on the successes of the old football coach, eg. Moroka Swallows in SA after Gordon Igesund. These liberation movements have not done anything for the people, they don;t know HOW to build any economy…PERIOD!!!! – Thandeka Khoza

Where was the plant they produce their own oil. Did BP, Shell stop supplying fuel in rhodesia? I grew up seeing BP and Shell in full operational. If they produced there own oil it was very minimal. Mining companies were still operational, and they were sending everything outside, i can’t believe some people don’t know that. – Aaxon Tumbare

So if sanctions are not removed, there is no plan to turn around our economy? In 2001 Zanu PF told us that sanctions were not going to have any effects because the East would come to the rescue. – Enock Kwinika

Mudavanhu Marume, why? Do you know how many British companies where operating in Rhodesia between those years? Do you know how much LONRHO was exporting to UK during those sanctions years? How did Rhodesia become the bread-basket of. Africa is they were not allowed to export during the sanctions? How many European countries did Smith visit during the sanctions years? How much money was BP sending to UK during those years? I am a zimbabwean who. Also don’t like Mugabe but want the truth about Smith sanctions, just because you hate mugabe doesn’t mean you have to believe everything people write. I suffered seriously under Smith government so don’t tell me shit? Are you smith’s son? – Aaxon Tumbare

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