Unfair labour practices: ZCTU

Employers are taking advantage of rampant unemployment and offering new workers paltry wages and casual contracts, according to Ian Makoshori, the youth national chairman of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

Japhet Moyo
Japhet Moyo

“The government should prosecute those who engage in unfair labour practices as workers are not provided with standard conditions of service such as protective clothing, a living salary, safe working conditions and social security schemes,” said Makoshori.

Many companies targeted new workers for dismissal to avoid paying out hefty exit packages.

The ZCTU last week commemorated September 13, a day police assaulted 47 workers in 2006 for expressing workers’ concerns through demonstrations across the country. Police maintained a heavy presence at last week’s commemorative march.

Secretary General Japhet Moyo said workers’ grievances remained unresolved as unemployment continued to rise. Wages and general working conditions were still poor.

“Demands by workers such as the tripartite negotiations and wages and salaries above the poverty datum line are before the (new) Cabinet,” said Moyo.

Workers interviewed by The Zimbabwean said their situation was desperate.

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