Unite and move forward: Mabwe

In the wake of the elections, stakeholders must unite and work towards national development, said spokesperson for the National Association for Non-Governmental Organisations, Michael Mabwe.

“In the interest of national development, it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to contribute towards the wellbeing of the country,” said Mabwe.

He added that disgruntled political players should pick themselves up and continue with their struggle. He also said CSOs would continue with their role to champion the cause of the poor.

Though MDC-T dismissed Mugabe and Zanu (PF) victories as a fraud, elected party officials will participate in parliamentary and local government activities.

President of the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai said MDC-T officials would not play any role in the new government, since Mugabe was an ‘illegitimate’ president.

Political analyst, Shakespear Hamauswa, said those who lost in the elections could have done more to prepare.

“The game plan should be to avoid Zanu (PF) or any other party from securing a two thirds majority in the national assembly, since a one party majority will not be healthy for democracy,” said Hamauswa.

Hamauswa urged the media to shift its slant from a position of polarisation, to one that objectively serves the interests of the nation in a non-partisan manner.

“Without mentioning names, the media should conduct itself in an ethical and professional manner in the interest of national good,” said Hamauswa. Zanu (PF) says it will not invite any other political party to assist with national governance.

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