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In the absence of western investment, can China save Zimbabwe?

“There is no way the Zanu (PF) government will attract meaningful investment without the involvement of Western

countries. The chinese are only interested in looting the country’s natural resources. Only Zanu (PF) chiefs are benefitting from the Chinese business deals.” – Charles Tuso

I don’t think so. – Victor Madzipa

Never in my lifetime will zhingzhang bring growth but rather mayhem, chaos and poverty. – WilChiz Murozvi

Zhanga zhiri zhako zha zhang…. china for you. – Floyd Hamandishe

China itself is a poor country, their people suffer, so do you think they can improve Zim in any way? – Mdara Dzi

True that. – Last A Mhizha

Mugabe will be announcing his cabinet shortly. Who do you think should be elected as Ministers of Finance, Tourism, Defence, Home Affairs, Industry and Commerce?

Finance: Tendai Biti, Simba Makoni, Gideon Gono. Defence: Sydney Sekeramayi, Emmerson Mnangagwa. Tourism: Walter Mzembi, Francis Nhema. Home Affairs: Kembo Mohadi. Industry and Commerce: Outside MDC, Zanu (PF) has no suitable candidates for the ministry and Mugabe is likely to appoint a technocrat. Given that Mugabe is unlikely to offer this ministry to MDC and MDC says it will not be part of the Mugabe led government. – Nelson Moyo

Defence: Emmerson Mnangagwa

Finance: Patrick Chinamasa

Tourism: Francis Nhema

Home Affairs: Kembo Mohadi

Industry and Commerce: Walter Mzembi. – Edgar Gweshe

I think reappointments and recycling of the same faces will be the order of the day with maybe one or two surprises. Defence – Emmerson Mnangagwa,

Finance Gideon Gono,

Tourism- Walter Mzembi,

Home Affairs – Kembo Mohadi,

Industry and Commerce – Paddy Zhanda. – Farai Siebert Mabeza

I’d wish for Aurthor Mutambara to take Industry and Commerce. Finance should go to July Moyo, Simba Mumbengegwi for Home Affairs, Tourism Mzembi, Defence yooooo. – Clémence Machadu

Finance: Tendai Biti/ Gideon Gono; Defence: Chiwenga; home affairs Patrick Chinamasa; Tourism Francis Nhema; Industry and Commerce Walter Mzembi – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

Mugabe ngaave minister maMinistry ose ndizvo zvaanoda. Hatinei nazvo isu. – Ahshywhell Mufiri

For Minister of Finance it would be Gideon Gono, Tourism Francis Nhema, Home affairs: Kembo Mohadi, Industry and Commerce: Walter Mzembi. – Thabani Dube

Finance – Biti Tourism – Eng Muzembi. – Gift Sidume Moyo

Me. Minister of Finance. – Bekezela Sibanda

Hatina basa nazvo. – Raphael Shumbayaonda

For finance I think its gonna be a surprise but for the other two I see reappointnent . – Mdara Dzi

Who do you think is running Zimbabwe today?

If they where coming frm kg6 nd nt frm polling stations how come they tallied go ask party agents and they wil tel u the truth. – Tongai Salatiel Madziva

Tongai Salatiel Madziva
Tongai Salatiel Madziva

Zimbabwe has been under military rule since the palace coup of 2008 when Tsvangirai walloped Mugabe. We were forced into a stage managed re-run. Its unfortunate people compare MDC-T (a party) versus a military junta masking itself as a revolutionary party. Mwari havadhakwe zvavo, its just one day, toziva mhinduro yavo inonoka, we should just turn our pleas to God. – Bee Tee

Military. – Innocent Ncube

Baba jukwa vaiva kupi?kkkkkkk. – Tafadzwa Chidyamoto

Ma1 emuZimbabwe. – Cedric Ny

Which Joshua are we talking about? – Mapross Moyo

Do you think China will help or hinder development in Zimbabwe?

Its very painful when our president always sayin tht we are free. theres no freedom at all Chinese they just took ova frm our former colonisers why mugabe is dining with them folding his hands when citizens are being treated like dogs. – Robson Robie Mutimusakwa

We jumped from the pot into the fire. – Alfred Nyambara

Our companies are CLOSING down because Chinese are DUMPING their finished goods here eg shoes,blankets,radios,phones!They don’t even PAY TAX!Look East policy! – Bybeat Mashy

More like Chinese disinvestiment to me. the other time i visited Sino Cement between Gweru and Lalapansi and was appaled at the living conditions of the zimbabwean workers. the Chinese built themselves a beautiful complex thats secluded and for their zimbabwean employees a huge and open barrack with no partitioning. there they lived single and married with n decency at all and sharing very unkempt toilets. Chinese are the most segregationist people i have ever come across and why we think we need them with such a poor trail of their conduct that stretches internationally, makes me wonder…. – Exaverio Dafa

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